"It's the little things in life which make it magical..."

Monday, 26 March 2012


Hi all! Just a quick post of a sketch I did over the weekend when experimenting with creating 'Tigerlily' for my Princess series...I think she's quite a cutie if you ask me : )

So, don't fear a high-fashion watercolour Princess artwork is on the way! The outline is done, now just to decide on her colour scheme, so fingers crossed I'll have a piece to show by next week : )

Oh and I still owe you all a brownie-cheesecake-fudge pie recipe in the near future too!

Happy drawing.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mischief Managed

Happy "It's cool to be a red-head" Day! I'm allowed to say that 'cus I am a red-head, but it's so true that St Patrick's Day is when all us ginger-folk come into our own : D

Here's just a little graphite illustration I did yesterday instead of studying...

I hope that you like this little Leprechaun...she was a lot of fun to draw because I had a story in mind that I wanted to tell, so her personality transferred upon the paper easily : )

The piece is entitled 'Mischief Managed', for she has commandeered the sole four-leaf clover, which was to replace last-year's clover at the village-centre, bringing them luck for the year to come! As you can imagine, she is both pleased with herself and trying pretend that she know's nothing as to its whereabouts!

Here at a little pinch of fairy dust central, to mark the occasion we are dressing up in lace-up boots and vests, watching 'The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns', whilst eating potato pie, choc-mint cupcakes and 'golden' popcorn! What are your plans to celebrate all things green and gold?

Happy drawing : )

Monday, 5 March 2012

Princess Series - Tommelise

My latest Princess illustration is of Hans Christian Anderson's Thumbelina, Tommelise being her Dutch namesake. 'Tommelise' sounds so much more pretty, don't you think? Actually, I think most words sound better in languages other than your own, like 'bon appetit!' and 'arrivederci!'

I loved watching the animated movie Thumbelina as a kid. Well, love probably doesn't quite cut it, as in I watched it pretty much everyday for about a year when I was four...this is why when watching it recently (for research purposes of course), I sadly knew every single word to those tragically-catchy songs, "...we'll see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings, hold me now and let me be your wings..." : )

This illustration has a much lighter use of watercolour than my previous one's, and I think it looks better for it. What do you think? I was considering attempting 'Tigerlilly' next, but I've also been suggested to try 'Esmerelda'? If you have any brilliant options let me know!

Happy Drawing : )

p.s. The Brownie-cheescake-fudge Pie I made this weekend was ah-maz-ing...but it is still not quite polished, so oh, what a shame, more trials and taste-testing to do!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Princess Series - Kida

The problem when you share one camera between four people is that you hardly ever see it. Or, when you do find it lurking on the bench, it's raining, naturally, and thus there's no light in which to photograph (i.e. story of my life last week)....Sooo I'm finally getting to post more pieces from my 'Princess Series' which have been waiting dormant for some time!

Here's my homage to 'Kida' from Atlantis, whom is unfairly left out of the 'Disney Princess Club', albeit being a Princess by birth (sorry Cinderella and Belle, but you know it's true...) and having girl-power to boot!

Don't you just adore Friday's? I love how even though the weekend doesn't technically commence until tomorrow, everyone gives off an unmistakable vibe, namely the excitement that "thank-goodness it's Friday!" So even though it was like 30°C at 9am, in this spirit, I headed off to the shops, loaded the trolley with butter, chocolate, flour and sugar goodness, and have subsequently been baking up a storm : )

To congratulate ourselves for finishing the first week of uni, we here at a little pinch of fairy dust central, are having a NYC-inspired girls-night-in...chilling on the couch, wearing headbands, having a Gossip Girl marathon, munching on homemade mac n' cheese, finishing with an epic brownie-cheescake-fudge-pie (yes, you read correctly. But that, my friends, is for another day...)!

Vive le weekend!